Seattle Times
The Times recommends: Stephanie Bowman for Port of Seattle, Position 3

With stiff maritime competition from California and Canada, the port must continue to follow forward-thinking policies to remain competitive.

Port Commissioner Stephanie Bowman has a proven track record of leadership and supporting creative solutions to keep port operations not only viable but competitive and able to provide good-paying jobs while reducing the environmental impact to neighboring communities.

Voters should reelect to keep Bowman as Port of Seattle Commissioner, Position 3.

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Auburn Examiner
Seattle Port Commissioner Stephanie Bowman to Seek Re-Election in 2021

Stephanie Bowman, a longtime economic development specialist who spearheaded the integration of the Ports of Seattle and Tacoma to compete on a global scale, and has long championed women and minority owned businesses, has announced that she will seek a third term on the Port of Seattle Commission. Bowman, who has run a non-profit incubator assisting entrepreneurs from historically marginalized communities, will focus on economic recovery in the upcoming year and new term. The Port Commission manages the publicly owned Port of Seattle shipping and freight terminals, as well as Sea-Tac Airport and marine facilities used by cruise ships and the Alaskan fishing fleet. … Read More